Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Lamp

A 'New Lamp'

I have been released of His compelling to proclaim Entire Sanctification’s (ES) availability as his ‘primary’ purpose as I minister.

Profound is; the settling in of the premise that Jesus is the only one who can open a heart, and He will lead those He calls to this (or any) transaction when He concludes it is time, or needed. I’m exploring the truth that a person can be a ‘holiness follower’ regardless of any spoken prayer. A genuine invitation to Him happens in the heart. Words are secondary, an expression of our desire. “If a person were on an island, without a person to hear and spoke to God in their thoughts…..”

While ES is still for me the most significant moment in my life, I now rest that while it is available for all, in my life, it was for me, to enable me to be a vessel through which He can love those He brings into my garden. Through the crisis I experienced, He surrounded me with men who helped me discover; what was wrong, what to pray for, and how to live it. I believe; He will lead those He wants to hear my testimony to me, or I will find myself in their midst. But my testimony is diverse. My passion to see people engage Him in simple intimacy has become preeminent and grown beyond ES. I cannot ignore my (our) testimony, but we have so much to illuminate from our arsenal. He is so much bigger that any one transaction.
While the ‘narrow beam lamp’ of E.S. has been taken from my hand and replaced with a lamp shining a ‘new’ light, I am certain that a part of the spectrum cast by it will include ES. Beyond that I am not sure what will be illuminated. I suspect it includes my ability to empathize, but it’s only been a day or so, and I’m not very far down the path, and my eyes have not adjusted fully. I know I want to meet people where they are and encourage them to stop, look into His eyes, and embrace that freedom to look into His face without shame. He will do the rest, and tell me to proclaim ES if, or when it’s time.

I release this and die with some sadness, but I rest that these past six years of steeping is without shame, for I have been faithful to walk in the light He provided for my feet. The future is an adventure yet to be revealed and as I walk into it with Him I am so thankful I have Him to lead into the freedom, healing and life to the full He said He came to bring.

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