Monday, March 1, 2010

My God Jesus

I have spoken quite a bit recently about my friend Jesus. I would like to take a moment and talk about my God Jesus.
As life happens, there are moments where I am compelled to engage Jesus in a fashion that does not resemble two friends just hanging out. There are times when it appears that my abilities fall short of my need in my circumstance. It is during these times I speak the name of Jesus. Some days I speak His name frequently. This ‘saying of His name’ I come to realize is me affirming myself of who I am, what He has done, and what He is capable of. It is reminder that He is God and I am His.
I have left behind the need to practice this by routine, (although to be honest it appears routine), rather, I practice this as a result of His Spirit’s lead. As much as I now know I have everything I need to respond to whatever life presents me, I still find myself capable of struggle. During these times of difficulty, I believe Jesus Himself, through His heart and Spirit that live within me, compel me to come to Him with my need or desire. I believe this glorifies Him and He is appreciative.
I have times of depression and anxiety and these times can ignite a response of fear, anger or isolation, which break relationship either; Him or the people in my life. It is here that I find the need within me that can be only be met by God. Sometimes this engagement of God can be rather casual, a simple utterance of His name. Always this engagement is humbling.
It is a reverent, beautiful, and awe inspiring place to be in the presence of a most powerful God; A God who is true, good, capable, and willing to rise and respond to the need of His beloved.

As I walk in the garden
And the ‘other one’ speaks my name,
I recognize a choice I have;
I call Him, and then remain.

I have what He gave me,
This is all that I need,
But the turning, and silence;
Is downfall’s bad seed.

This seed of independence,
This seed of no need,
This seed of forgetting,
I don’t want it to succeed.

If I ask He will rise up
And stand beside me
Put His hand on my shoulder
‘We’ are all that I need.


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