Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Regarding Jesus

Regarding Jesus: did you ever;

Tease Him?
Tell Him a joke?
Ask Him to leave you alone for a minute?
Let the answering machine get it?
Not return His call?
Lie to Him?
Laugh with Him?
Give Him your opinion?
Make a suggestion to Him?
Comfort Him?
Casually thank Him?
Encourage Him?
Give Him the night off?
Do something so He doesn’t have too?
Run and let Him chase you?
Surprise Him with something?
Defend Him?
Hold him accountable?
Forgive Him?
Release Him?
Allow Him?
Make Him something?
Give Him something?
Receive something from Him?
Just sit quietly with Him?
Ask nothing more of Him?
Touch him?
Kiss Him?
Love Him?

I really love that guy….

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