Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Demonstration of His love

Do you think it is correct to say that when an individual enters into relationship with Jesus, some demonstration of love will result? Be it: service in a fellowship of believers, engaging in relationship for another's benefit, or helping meet the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual needs of another, I see it play out every time. As I rifle through the people I have known in my life that I have concluded are in such a relationship, I cannot think of anyone who did nothing and simply assumed a posture of 'waiting it out' until heaven.

The one constant I conclude is evident is Jesus.

He's just like that.

I believe as we disciple people in Kingdom living we should include the notion that when he is ready, Jesus will lead us into this type of demonstration. To me it's exciting! Like Christmas morning. I can't wait to see the gifts someone receives.

Yet we must be cautious, if we are not careful, people may think a demonstration is a criteria for a relationship with Jesus rather than a result.

I believe He came first for you and I. To offer freedom and healing. As a result of that freeing and healing, we find life and as I look at what that life typically looks like, it always ends up in that freeing and healing being given to another.

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