Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lost Child

I have two children, both grown.

We have an exceptional relationship. I work with them both so I get to see them regularly. Most Sundays, we gather for dinner too.

Neither one is lost (having left relationship with me).

One night last week, at work, I was discussing plans for hanging out with my child. My heart was joyful with anticipation. They wanted to spend time with me!

No homecoming, no ‘sin’ in need of forgiveness, no restoration needed. It was simply plans to spend time.

In the bible, Jesus tells a story of a father and a lost son. The son screwed up and left relationship with his father. After a time, the son is broken, depressed and remorseful for his choice to leave, so he decides to return home. He is welcomed by his loving father who was waiting for him the whole time. The father embraces the son with joyful open arms and throws a feast to celebrate. Jesus uses this story to paint a picture of how God desires us and the joy he feels when we come to Him the first time or return to Him when we have ‘left’.

But what about the child who has not left? What about the child who is already in relationship with God?

A God showed me (told me), that as my heart glowed with expectation of more time to be spent with my ‘right standing ‘child, so glows God’s heart in anticipation of time spent with His ‘right standing’ child too.

He’s just crazy about us!

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