Friday, March 6, 2009

Everythings amazing

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  1. It's good to step back and take a broader view of life. It's hard to do sometimes. I know when I have anxiety, it is hard for me to count my blessings.

    Sometimes when corporate America has me stressed out I wonder how it would be if all I had to do was grow food and take care of animals. Before long I usually come around to thinking about how hard that would be.

    I do think that our modern world has us way to pre-occupied with competing with each other in pursuit of the almight dollar. Whether you are in the car insurance, dry cleaning, pharmacy or retail, you need to work hard to produce a better product at a better price than the guy down the street.

    When you turn on the TV it's either a reality show where they are competing, a sporting event, political bickering sitcoms or crime dramas.

    So what conclusion do I have...I think I need to talk to Jesus more and read my bible.

    Thanks for this blog's cool