Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Calling His name

Sometimes I get anxious. There are times I can trace the feelings to events or circumstances taking place in my life. There are also times when I cannot. Sometimes at those times I’m sure the feelings are empathetic, where the life of someone I know is in turmoil and I’m feeling it. Sometimes there’s just no explanation.
In any event, when these feelings rise, I find myself saying the name of Jesus. I ponder this, it’s not that I call Him expecting His arrival in my life; I know He’s already there. I know our lives are a shared experience. He experiences what I experience. It’s not that I ‘need’ anything, I know He provides what I need in the moment I need it.
Rather, by saying His name I physically, demonstratively, align myself with Him. It’s helpful, it’s warfare

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  1. Monkey,
    I like this post. I to find myself simplifying my life before the Lord. I am intentionally learning to practice the presence of Christ in everyday life.