Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Right sided living part 2

I’ve made some progress in the book “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. today. It turns out she’s still a brain scientist, and as expected is drawing some conclusions about spirituality and God that might be threatening to some ‘religious minded’ people. Taylor states that brain research performed by two doctors “helped her understand exactly what was going on in [her] brain” she goes on to state “that these scientists identified the neuroanatomy underlying our ability to have a religious or spiritual (mystical) experience. They wanted to understand which regions of the brain were involved in our capacity to undergo a shift in consciousness – away from being an individual to feeling that we are at one with the universe (God, Nirvana, euphoria).” Taylor states these abilities are ‘right sided’ brain activity.

These thoughts are stimulating to me. I embrace the truth that we are human and therefore have a human experience. I believe we are very much the product of our lives; that the events we are exposed too help define who we are, (be they wounds or positive experiences), that as we live, biological nueropathways are established and patterns of response are ingrained.

I also have a testimony that God intervened in my life, that He impacted and changed my life coarse. He ‘touched’ my mind, offering revelation, healing, and the ability to recognize that there was something (someone) outside of me. Did He activate my ‘right side’ mind (no-one comes to the Father unless He draws them)? As I have followed Jesus, have I exercised the right side and become more in touch with these spiritual abilities?

I wonder if Jesus being the perfect representation of humanity had in fact a perfectly balance human brain.

I’m not threatened by these thoughts and my beliefs have not changed. All credit and glory too God. I know that I’m different than I was. I know that this change is not ‘of me’ but ‘to me’.

I think the human brain is amazing.

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