Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I saw a miracle tonight

I saw a miracle tonight.

A man was lifted from his seat to his feet saying "I can't do it anymore" and he surrendered his religion, his mind and heart to Jesus. This man has a favorite metaphor regarding this transaction with Jesus, he calls it "getting on the boat". This man, my friend has spoken often the past two years about getting on the boat (or lack thereof).

One of the odd things was by listening to this man speak for the past two or so years, I thought he already had engaged Jesus in this way. You see, it seems he was given the testimony before the transaction ever officially took place. Transformation happened over time but in an instant, by faith, it was confirmed. The transaction was for him.

Another weird thing was as he stood he opened his arms and motioned with his hands in a brushing, inward motion to a few of us men in the room as if to say "come here, come to me while I say these things". I tried to accommodate him but by the physical nature of the furniture arrangement and proximity of a couple other guys, I couldn't get to him. As my friends hugged him, I was given the opportunity to simply watch. And watch I did. I'm glad, because I saw a miracle tonight.


  1. Steve,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Your life continues to encourage me and I honored to be your friend.

  2. We all saw the miracle. Thanks for sharing your feelings, my brother.