Sunday, August 9, 2009

To Love

I had a chance to attend an event that would be considered by some to be contrary to the laws and desires of God. This event confronted many people with the decision to attend or not, and that their decision would in some way be viewed by God as right or wrong. The decision also carried with it the notion that by attending a message of some sort would be sent to the honorees and perhaps the world, that their journey through life together and the decisions they made would be acceptable to God.

I was going about my day prior to the event, never having personally worried much about any dilemma, when I was implanted with a ‘vision’ of sorts.

I ‘saw’ the honorees, and I ‘was’ the honorees. In ‘seeing’ and ‘being’ the two, I sensed the social/religious ‘weight’ of the circumstance. Jesus said to me, “I understand”.

With those words, He told me that while there may be feelings He had about the event, He understood the humanness which led the two to the place they were. He also recognized the two had found someone to cling to in this life and allowed the love they had for each other to be foremost in His thinking. The ramifications of the event to the Kingdom were in-consequential to His agenda, and therefore not my concern. The responsibility to speak for Him was never mine; He could take care of Himself. In some way, he put Himself aside (yet again).

My decision to simply love the two was appropriate and right for me and I do not judge those who could not attend. It’s Jesus’ responsibility to open eyes, minds, and hearts, not mine.

Jesus clearly demonstrated the going into the midst of those found wrong by the organized church of His day.

To love is; Freedom, Healing, Life.

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